This last week we performed a funeral service for a nice family here in Ft. Worth. Because of a need to save all they could, they had gone to Dallas and purchased a Chinease casket at a warehouse that imports them. I had no objection because we sell caskets as well, and you have the right to purchase anywhere you want. They brought over a nice looking wood that was supposed to be popular. The body was about 200 lbs. He fit fine. I didn’t look very hard at the casket, we just did what the family asked. That’s our job.

When we arrived at the cemetery there was a lot of friends and family there. The pall bearers took the casket from the hearse and headed to the grave. Suddenly the whole side of the casket broke off, causing the casket to fall to one side and the body fall out the side of the casket on the ground. This was a horriable situation for the family and friends to witness. We managed to get the person buried, but it was not a good thing. their attempt to save a couple of bucks on a imported casket was a mistake.

The top of the casket was indeed popular wood, but the sides and bottom were a cheap particle board made to look like real wood. They really got screwed. So much for internet caskets.

I try to sell a good quality American casket for a cheap price. They may cost a little more than Chinease but you get the quality you want that woun’t fall apart in front of the family. I don’t mind working with a family to try to find something that fits their budget. It’s my reputation on the line as well. I don’t mind working with families to provide a good service, but they need to just talk to me about it and not fall for a sales pitch.
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