What we can do……………$2500

As the economy continues to falter, many folks are pushed into decisions they are not really comfortable with as far as funeral arrangements. Many are forced to choose cremation when tradition has always been burial. I think the most important part of a funeral is the coming together of the family and friends for the service. all religions usually observe some type of service. To a lot of folks, a direct cremation is not exactly fulfilling in the process of respect of their loved one’s passing or life’s memory.

I’ve tried to come up with a couple of alteratives that might help.

A complete service w/casket that results in either a burial or cremation. Your choice.

We pick up, bathe, embaulm, dress, make-up, hair, casket, viewing (our chapel), service, redgister book, Thank you cards for flowers. Includes a casket for either burial or cremation.

Afterwards, either delivery to cemetery or crematory. Either place for $2500. (If burial, you must have space, pay open and closing, and concrete liner if required.) Price includes cremation.

OR if you just perfer a cremation only, that’s just $950.

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