At a recent trade show the buzz was that everyone had agreed to raise cremation prices. Folks can’t afford the high burial prices, so cremations are on the rise. Expect to pay about triple for a cremation in the future. since a large number of funeral homes are owned by the same corperation, prices will be the same anywhere you go. This is illegal, called price fixing, But, who cares? The FTC doesn’t.

Another thing I noticed was the number of weirdos now in the business. I would feel really scared to trust my family member to any of them, especally in the prep room. Sexual acts don’t belong in the preproom. That’s all I’m saying. I’ll have a lot of retallation on that one. It’s don’t ask, don’t tell in this business. These corp. will hire anyone as long as they are cheap, they just keep them in the back room.

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