I saw an add in the local paper today about a website promoting chinease knock-off caskets for cheap.

I have 2 thoughts I’ll share.

!. Having used them in my funeral home I quickly discovered how inferior they are.(SEE OTHER POST) My wife would NEVER be caught dead with a knock-off purse or shoes, wallet, Rolox watch or anything else. She felt it would be the supreme insult to the deceased and the family to use a knock-off casket. Let alone, take it to a church or have a service where others could see it. There are plenty of good American made caskets for the same price that you can use proudly. This leads me to…………………

2. With the economy the way it is, why put American workers out of a job and send your dollars overseas? We’re trying to surive here in the USA. You can be cheap and still support the home team. Call me if you need help.

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