Funeral News Gets Worse For Consumers.

SCI, the largest funeral chain in the world,(Google “Funeralgate” and “SCI”), is quietly moving to fleece the American people again. Along side the war profiteers and wall street bankers the funeral industry is trying to get the last coins off your eyes and leave nothing for your family.

Millions of folks have purchased pre-need funerals from SCI and Lowen funeral homes. Now these 2 have come together to form the largest funeral corp. in the world. Un-touchable to any regulation. SCI was a huge contributior to both Bush’s campains. They built the Bush libiary. Now the good news….The money from all these pre-needs is in the stock market. That is except the millions paid to the top exes every year.(they don’t work cheap). Now that the stock market has failed don’t be suprised that after elections that you find out that the fund is broke and you have no funeral paid for.

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