You have the right to expect value. Budget Casket is an alternative to high mark-ups at funeral homes.

By saving money on a quality casket, you’ll gain the security of knowing that more of your inheritance will remain, to benefit your loved ones.

Budget Casket offers a large selection of wood and metal caskets, which are equal in quality to comparable models sold by funeral homes. Our prices are much lower, however, because funeral homes typically mark up casket prices 300 to 500%.

We carry a large selection of quality caskets and guarantee the lowest prices. All of our high quality caskets are American made.

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Per a recent Federal Trade Commission ruling, consumers are no longer required to purchase caskets through funeral homes. You may buy your own casket from an independant retailer, such as Budget Casket. The funeral provider may not refuse (or charge a fee) to handle a casket you bought elsewhere.

We will deliver a casket directly to the funeral home of your choice, within the state of Texas. If you need a casket delivered outside the state of Texas, please find a casket store closer to your area on the National Casket Retailer’s Association Website.

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CONSUMER NOTICE: It is illegal for any funeral home operating in the United States to charge you a handling fee or refuse to accept any funeral merchandise purchased through a third party supplier.