Today there are many web sites offering cheap online cremations and funerals.
Why bother?? Why not just let the county do the dirty work if folks care so little? Are some people just too busy to give someone a decent service? Or too cheap?? I have been doing this for years and I know how much work is involved in a simple cremation, so when I see a ad for a $750 cremation, I figgure something is wrong. Are they cremating 2 or 3 bodies at once? How do you even know you’re getting the right cremains back? I remember a couple of years back a story about a guy in Georgia throwing bodies in the woods and giving back boxes of dirt to families. I saw a web site today where you don’t even see a live person face to face. You just pay online and they mail you SOME cremains. How can you possiably trust this person to handle your loved one or much less be a funeral director and not some weirdo in his garage somewhere, maybe in a internet cafe in Samolia, with just a computer and a paypal account.asking for your credit card info. You don’t have a clue where your loved one is. Or, they could be selling the organs to someone in another country and cremating the rest and making thousands off of your cheap way out. You know, a good kidney today can bring a pretty high price. No questions asked.

The same thing goes for some of these closed casket cheapie services. how can you possiably know what’s happening when all you deal with is someone on the the other end of a computer and then just show up at the burial plot and just trust some stranger that it’s your Mom in that casket and she hasn’t been mulated for a kidney or such? I know this all sounds a little extreame but you should really think before you do something like this. There are so many scams and things people wouldn’t normally do if the economy was not so bad. Watch the news and see all the weirdness going on that folks fall for.

I wish someone would call me and let me know how this works. I’m just a old school person. (No funeral directors, please) I just don’t think I could even do my dog like that.

Show a little class. You might as well give them to a guy in a van behind the 7-11.

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