The idea of tissue donation is a great thing. It can help so many folks that need help, but it seems greed is the bottom line for the industry. As soon as someone passes away in a hospital the family is contacted by a repesentave of a harvesting company. This happens so fast you might get the impression they live at the hospital and were waiting outside the door. They assure the family that a viewing will still be possiable and things are easly fixed and it won’t cost any extra from the funeral home. Soon as you sign on the bottom line the whisk the body away and start to work. Once they have it they take eyes, bones  (arm, leg and whatever else they think they can use), internal organs, skin and tissue, anything else they think is marketable. Then they give everything else to the funeral home in a plastic bag to try to put back together for the family to deal with. Unfortunatly this costs to have skilled people to re-assemble what’s left into something presentable for the family. The funeral home must pass the cost to the family since this is not part of a normal service. This can be quie costly. This is not fair to a family that is trying to do the right thing to help someone in need.

These people make a fortune off the sale of these parts, sometimes as much as $100k off one person. They don’t care what they have to do or say to get what they want. It’s all about the $$$$$. I feel that the harvesting company should pay the funeral cost of the deceased. A standard service or cremation is a small price to pay for the huge profits they gleam from the bodies the mutilate and walk away from. Out of respect for the gift that person has given them, that seems to be a small return. I would support any legal action to make this law.

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