A woman called me today and asked me to post this on my webpage. She said that before her father died she called around to several places to get prices since they had limited funds. Our price was the lowest she found. But before she could even think about it, Lakeview Funeral Home,A new black funeral home, was calling her back with promises to beat our prices. She said she would have to speak with other family members and call her back and hung up. 5 minutes later the phone rang again with more promises. the lady called her back at least 5 times. They finally let the funeral home pick up her dad. The funeral home then said they were sending a limo to pick up the family. After arriving at the funeral home they were put in a room and a sales pitch started. That cheap price they were told went out the window. It was plus this and plus that and “of course you want” all kind of things that ran the bill up to almost 3 times what they wanted. BUT they couldn’t get up and leave because they didn’t come in their car. They were stuck there for over 5 hours before someone would take them home.

Bottom line was they were expecting something a lot different than what they got. A big place has a big overhead and when they only do 3-4 services a month you get to pay the bills.

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Funeral News Gets Worse For Consumers.

SCI, the largest funeral chain in the world,(Google “Funeralgate” and “SCI”), is quietly moving to fleece the American people again. Along side the war profiteers and wall street bankers the funeral industry is trying to get the last coins off your eyes and leave nothing for your family.

Millions of folks have purchased pre-need funerals from SCI and Lowen funeral homes. Now these 2 have come together to form the largest funeral corp. in the world. Un-touchable to any regulation. SCI was a huge contributior to both Bush’s campains. They built the Bush libiary. Now the good news….The money from all these pre-needs is in the stock market. That is except the millions paid to the top exes every year.(they don’t work cheap). Now that the stock market has failed don’t be suprised that after elections that you find out that the fund is broke and you have no funeral paid for.

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NEW PHONE NUMBER 817-319-1522

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Internet Casket Sales

Again, this week I have heard 3 stories about internet casket sales. The one family that finally did receive a casket shipped from here in Dallas 3 days late. They had to hold up the service waiting for the casket, said that it was a Chinese casket that smelled so bad inside that they had to do a closed casket. The internet company refused to do anything about it. The person on the phone wouldn’t even tell them his name. It’s places like this and the other 2 that must have been Nigerian web sites that give legitimate business’ like us a bad name. You can walk into our places anytime and speak to us face to face and see our product. AND buy the time you pay a internet place all the extra charges for shipping and other charges ours is cheaper, by far. That phrase “free shipping” is not true unless you can wait a week or so for delivery. And then you may not get what you ordered.

We have a good reputation and I want to keep it that way, check us out at the BBB. Our products carry a full warranty, just like a Zippo lighter. We sell American made products including Batesville.

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COUPON Save hundreds for limited time


When you purchase a casket and graveliner at the same time you can receive a standard 12 x 24 georgia grey granite headstone with name, dates and design included.

(no actual cash value and may not be used with any other offer or discount)

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