Internet Casket Sales

Again, this week I have heard 3 stories about internet casket sales. The one family that finally did receive a casket shipped from here in Dallas 3 days late. They had to hold up the service waiting for the casket, said that it was a Chinese casket that smelled so bad inside that they had to do a closed casket. The internet company refused to do anything about it. The person on the phone wouldn’t even tell them his name. It’s places like this and the other 2 that must have been Nigerian web sites that give legitimate business’ like us a bad name. You can walk into our places anytime and speak to us face to face and see our product. AND buy the time you pay a internet place all the extra charges for shipping and other charges ours is cheaper, by far. That phrase “free shipping” is not true unless you can wait a week or so for delivery. And then you may not get what you ordered.

We have a good reputation and I want to keep it that way, check us out at the BBB. Our products carry a full warranty, just like a Zippo lighter. We sell American made products including Batesville.

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