Welcome to Budget Casket

Dear Budget Casket Customer,

Thank you for coming to our web site. We are happy to be able to provide you with an alternative to the high prices common to the funeral industry.

If you just stopped by to check our prices, because the Funeral Director said that he would lower his price to meet or beat our price … please keep this in mind. He would not lower his price if we were not in business. His price would remain two to three times higher than it should be. His price lowering is calculated to eliminate competitors like Budget Casket, so that the next time you need his services, he can charge his usual higher prices.

Please be aware that some funeral homes are now using a new deceptive tactic to separate you from your money. Within the industry, this scam is called a “sham discount.” The funeral home increases prices, and then offers you a “discount” for purchasing a casket from them. Their prices are usually two or three times higher than ours at Budget Casket, so there are no real savings. For the same quality, you’ll still pay a higher price. If funeral homes would offer fair prices, they wouldn’t need to trick you into overpaying. It’s sad, but we are all more vulnerable during a time of grief. Unscrupulous salesmen at funeral homes have fooled many intelligent people. Under other circumstances, you wouldn’t buy a used car from him… why allow him to swindle you on a funeral?

We at Budget Casket offer low prices and funeral goods of comparable quality to those offered by funeral homes. However, because many caskets, made by various manufacturers and of differing quality, may appear identical in Internet photographs, we have chosen not to publish our price list here. For price information, please use the “contact us” button on our home page; or call, or stop by one of our showrooms.

We will continue to work to ensure that you (and all consumers) are protected from the sales tactics that have become common in the funeral industry. We are one of the pioneers in the field of fairly priced caskets and monuments, and we have fought the funeral industry at great expense. We have helped to influence the passage of the pro-consumer legislation that now allows you the choice of a reasonable price for your funeral goods.

The fight is far from won, however. We continue our work to protect your rights every day. Please consider your purchase carefully. Federal law allows you to purchase funeral goods wherever you choose, without extra penalty or charges from the funeral home. EVERYTHING WE SELL MEETS OR EXCEEDS ANY REQUIRMENTS FOR CEMETERIES IN TEXAS. Please choose wisely.

Thank you for shopping at Budget Casket.

Bob Davis